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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 18, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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good morning erks america. breaking overnight. big tent fror. >> referee: torrential rain tearing through the road. then the mad dash for the exits as people worry about a collapse. >> watch the children. >> as record rain, a once in 500 year event hits texas. the explosions being blamed on lightning. the funnel clouds. the crying plane passengers stranded because of bad weather. and the major storm system on the move this morning. fireball. a gas pipeline explosion sends flames 200 feet in the air. drivers terrified. >> i don't want to die. i don't want to die. >> a dozen people rushed to the hospital. so what set it off? dr. oz under fire. >> today, i'm sharing my three
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best kept health secrets. >> top physicians saying he promotes quack treatments. they're calling for his employer, the prees teej use columbia university to dump him. this morning, the doctor fighting back. and this morning, the extreme snowboarder sailing into the record books. >> what's the gold standard. there's nothing like it. >> how this snow-verachiever pulled off the 1800 back double cork. good morning, andlet get straight to our top story. the severe weather down south. this picture out of houston tells you the story. two inches of rain in 15 minutes. this morning, about 100,000
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customers without power. >> the slow-moving system is bringing heavy rain high winds, lightning strikes, on top of it all, possible tornadoes. it's set to last straight through the weekend. as it marchs eastward with 30 million folks in the path. >> this thing is huge. it's moving slowly. that's why it's last something long. it's two systems combining. one across colorado. and then tapping into the gulf of mexico. we saw 56 storm reports throughout the day and evening yesterday. hail the size of tennis bals in parts of houston. incredible amounts of flooding rain. power is out i mean from the midwest down to the gulf coast. really southeast texas seeing the worst of it. happening overnight severe weather across the midwest and texas. in houston terrifying moments inside this circus tent. >> the exits only.
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no pushing. no shoving. watch the children. >> reporter: watched a powerful winds rip the sides of the big top wide open. rain pouring in. the cr panic. over 100,000 customers without power from houston to dallas. and intense downpours drenching harris county with over 5 inches op rain. urging residents to stay home and stay safe. vehicles across the area swamped. traffic stopped on highway 59. in angelton texas, hail hitting the ground. and an explosion at an oil facility. lightning believed to be the cause. thankfully, no injuries reported. further north in kansas ominous funnel clouds spin over goodland. and winter weather causing this massive fileup in wyoming. 60 cars and trucks on interstate
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80. over 20 people treated at the local hospital. incredible here that we're seeing this snowfall mid to late april. the severe threat with the energy is going to intensify, not just today. but i think as we go through tomorrow. let's break it down for you. corpus christi to houston, dallas, up through wichita. maybe a tornado or two. that chance will increase. the arklatex lower and mid mississippi river valley will see a decent chance of severe weather. reports of over three inches in 30 minutes in parts of harris county. that is a rarity. flash food watches. we'll talk about that later in the program. >> rob, thank you. we have the situation in the south we're watching. as rob mentioned, the rockies are getting hammered with snow. great news for the ski resorts.
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not so great for the roads as you can see and the airports. exhibit a, the passengers stranded on a plane for more than six hours. abc's david kerley is on the story. >> reporter: good morning, dan, this did all start with weather. a flight diverted. and then all the hours sitting on the ground because of bad weather. overnight, united airlines passengers saying they were on a plane on the ground for more than six hours. >> oh my god. >> rep been an hour and half flight from kansas city to denver became a nightmare when severe weather forced united express light 4394 to divert to colorado springs. the plane parked with weather issues there too. young children in tears. passengers becoming restless and angry. using cell phones to capture the tension. >> if you have carry on bag, you'll be able to pick it up. but not the checked bag. >> reporter: the airline says
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the flight fold procedure. eight passengers took the offer to take van back to the terminal. in a written statement, the airline says it with offer compensation and add, republic apologizes for the inconvenience, but as always, the safety is our number one priority. the passengers' bill of rights says that passengers can't be on the tarmac for many than three hours. friday's ordeal didn't end with getting off the plane. many passengers faced a two-hour bus ride to denver, where some are still awaiting a new flight this morning. republic airlines may not have violated the tarmac rule because it aloud passengers to go back to the terminal. many may not have wanted to leave their bags behind. oprah has called him america's doctor.
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but now dr. oz is being accused of promoting quack treatments by some top physicians that want to get him fired from university. good morning mara. >> reporter: paula, good morning. dr. oz says he just wants to put people on the path to their best selves. a group of medical professionals who happen to be his colleagues are saying his message is endangering with public. they want him out. this morning, one of tv's most famous doctors getting a checkup by a small group of his peers. >> today i'm sharing my three best kept health secrets. >> reporter: dr. oz drawing millions of viewers on his talk show criticized by ten doctors demanding columbia university remove the tv host from his faculty position. seen here operating in the show
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"new york med." ? an e-mail to columbia they criticized him saying he has an egregious lack of integrity by promoting quack treatments and cures in the interest of personal financial gain. adding that members of the public are being misled and endanger endangered. >> i can't figure this out. i don't get why you need to say this stuff because you know it's not true? >> i would give my audience if advice i give my family all the time. >> reporter: in their e-mail to columbia, the ten doctors criticizing oz's reports on arsenic and apple juice and his mistrust of genetically engineered foods. >> it's a present from me to you. it's the least i can do. >> reporter: oz a supporter of labeling gmos said we provide multiple points of view including mine. which is offered without
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conflict or interest. columbia responding telling abc news it's committed to the principle of academic freedom and to upholding faculty members' freedom of expression. the university still supporting its famous physician. and dr. oz is not done fighting back. he tells us he plans to address this issue directly on his show next week. dan? >> not done fighting back. wee move on to the crowded race for the white house. this weekend, 19 candidates some official some not, descend on new hampshire. abc's tom llamas is there. >> reporter: in new hampshire right now, it's time to get up close and personal. >> you gotta be a little tougher. >> you want me to get tougher. >> reporter: the first in the nation primary still around 300 days away but already
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republicans are trying to capture the moment. >> i've had a blast. >> reporter: 19 presidential hopefuling are in the granite state this weekend for the republican leadership summit. bridgegate still following chris christie. if you do run, do you think voters can look past bridgegate. >> i don't think i have -- i had one person in the diner raise it with me. they're joking about it right? >> reporter: senator rubio getting the million dollar question. is he a red sox fan? >> how about this i'm not a yankees fan. >> reporter: scott walker yet to announce leading the pack, followed by jeb bush then rand paul. but new hampshire voters say right now, there are no front runners. >> there's a lot of new blood and energy. i'm more excited than i have been in a long time. >> reporter: for "good morning america," tom llamas abc news manchester, new hampshire. >> we'll have more on this
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coming up tomorrow on abc's "this week." now let's go to ron with a look at -- >> let us. >> not lettuce as in the salad. let us turn it over to ron for the other headlines. we begin with a frightening scene on a california highway, shut down after a gas line explodes. the explosion all caught on camera. clayton sandell has more. >> reporter: watch as this massive fireball erupts in southern california. injuring at least 11 people. uncolliding someone at the fresno sheriff's gun range. >> he was blown away from the front loader. >> reporter: around 2:30 a gasline burst. spreading, terrifying drivers on this busy fresno highway. >> i don't want to die. i don't want to die.
7:12 am
>> are we going to be able to get on 99? >> listen to it coming out of the pipe. >> you can feel the heat. >> reporter: pacific gas and electric workers scrambling as fire crews and rescue crews rush to the scene. >> very chaotic. in tend the emergency personnel came through. >> reporter: the explosion now under investigation. according to the fresno fire department, a county worker's backhoe struck a 12-inch gas line triggering the blast. >> and our thanks to clayton. overseas to afghanistan where dozens of people were killed by a suicide bomber in the city of jalalabad. he blew himself up while people were collecting pay at a local bank. 33 people killed. 80 others were injured. no one has claimed responsibility. and epa and coast guard officials are on the scene of a
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huge diesel fuel leak in southwestern illinois that's closed a 35-mile-long section of the mississippi river. phillips 66 estimates 25,000 gal gallons of diesel spiled. cardinal francis george has died. he stepped down last year. he had been battling cancer for many years. he played a key role in the church's response to the sex scandal, including a zero tolerance rule for abuse i preess. kareem abdul-jabbar is recovering this morning after undergoing a quadruple bypass surgery. he had surgery thursday his 68th birthday. his doctors expect him to make a full recovery.
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good luck for that. a family visiting a zoo in omaha got a lot more thrill than they bargained for. a silver back gorilla charging toward the glass. the terrified family. you can see them watching in the reflection. >> look out. >> some of them -- >> look at the faces. >> that will put a sfrigt into you, i'm hur. and from that scary scenario to this more benign ursicn encounter. >> bears. >> you got it. >> a florida woman shocked to see not one but four bears in her backyard. she said she left garbage out for just a minute. the bears came clawing at her door. a sheriff's deputy responded, chases the bearing awa ings away. but they came back 20 minutes later. >> so the moral of the story is don't take your garbage out. >> i doubt it was out for just a
7:15 am
minute. don't live near bears. >> don't they return too? once they find something, they come back. >> or is that just snakeds? what are you talking about. >> a poisonous snake, my parents taught me this they'll come back. >> you believe this? >> i do. my dad justified they have to sometimes kill things. >> she does "pop news" an zoology. >> zoology. remember. >> don't we have another story. we move to the search for a father of five who mysteriously vanished a few days after suffering a concussion. he was last seen at a california walmart, where several clues were found. investigators are chasing several leads. >> reporter: it's such a strange case. the morning, the family of a missing man is worried sick and speaking out. he was last seen making purchases close to two weeks ago and has been missing since. this morning a mystery
7:16 am
surrounding this man, 37-year-old oliver parise jones. a colorado father of five missing since april 5th. in a bizarre series of events jones' family says he was visiting southern california when he was attacked in a los angeles nightclub and landed in the hospital with a concussion. >> we're thinking his concussion affected his ability to reaso or do anything. >> reporter: family members said jones checked himself out of the hospital and was headed to las vegas. before levering, he stopped at this walmart to make purchases. >> he bought some stuff and apparently a transient ended up can some of his stuff. >> reporter: a video appears so sho items purchased by jones behind the fence near the walmart. the family has posted flyers in hopes of finding the father. >> if you see this um give us
7:17 am
a call. we're -- we're waiting for you. >> reporter: jones family says the divorced dad would call his children every day. but they haven't heard from him. if you have any information, please want to hear from you. >> they feel he's in danger because he missed one of his daughter's birthdays. that's uncharacteristic for him. the record-breaking move in the world of extreme sports. this is the first time a snowboarder has ever pulled off this insane trick. it's called the backside 1800-degree quadruple cork. i get nervous just trying to pronounce it. and sara our resident snake expert and snowboard expert is here with more. >> i feel don't try any tricks you can't pronounce the gamenames, so dan, don't do this. this isn't the first time this daredevil has conquered what seems to be impossible. look at this jaw-dropping
7:18 am
gravity-defying stunt, stunning millions this morning. olympic slopestyle rider billy morgan twisting his way into snowboarding history on the italian slopes wednesday. with the world's first backside 1800 quadruple cork. a mind-blowing maneuver no human has every pulled off. >> this is the gold standard. >> reporter: four off-axis vertical flips backwards during five full rotations. watch the 26-year-old british daredevil take off from this custom made snow ramp. you see him tumble through the air into flip number one, two, three, and four, and then the big finish a supersmooth landing. >> this trick is extremely hard to pull off. the higher you go, the more you're in the air. the more danger there is. >> reporter: taking just.8 seconds. according to his sponsor, red
7:19 am
bull morgan is so stoked but also saying his jump could have been cleaner. morgan landing the first ever triple backside rodeo in 2011. >> whoo! >> reporter: and when he's not busy breaking records, watch him snowboard on water and catch a frisbee with a flip. this dude's raising the game of frisbee. i don't know how they train for these things. in gymnastics you can put on a training belt on a trampoline. how do you train? >> all i can say is wow. wow. >> i fed you that line. that was impressive. >> you need snow. to snowboard. and, rob, there's still snow falling in many parts of the country, right? >> and you can go to actually copper mountain. they have this incredible inboard facility where they train in a foam pit. not though that extent.
7:20 am
unbelievable. that guy with send it. we've got snow across parts of the mountains. whistler ski and snowboard festival is happening right now. back to breckenridge. a lot of ski their last week end. could see another half foot to a full foot of powder. the system itself is slowly pulling out into the plains. we have been talking about the see veer weather across parts of texas. these two systems kind of combine. it starts to expand the severe threat. the rain threat. back to detroit and pittsburgh eventually, late today and in through tomorrow the eastern half of the country will be in the red. i think the northeast should be dry until at least sunday night or monday. rainfall amounts over three inches in some spots. tallahassee ryan: and good morning from the weather center.
7:21 am
we have plenty of sunshine f for your saturdaday fecast and ouour air temperatures will be mild across the regio high pressure is settling in across the area. no concerns with rainfall. it is s tomorrow that the rain will push into the r regio for today, geget outside and enjoy. lo of sunshine. wall to wall sunshinine throughout the entire day. air temperatures approaching 8 80 grees. tomorrow t clouds will increase a and we'll see temperures >> and if there's one man who could send it off a snowboard jump, it's this guy right here ron claiborne. >> all i can say is wow. wow. >> thank you, gentlemen. coming up here on "gma," murder or self-defense. an honor student charged with killing her boyfriend, what his patients said on the witness stand. and the bark is worse than the bite. barking owners erer erer -- barking costing their owners big bucks.
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as long as people drive cars carmax will be the best way to buy them. coming up on "gma," the honor student on trial for murdering her boyfriend. why she was crying in court. and what her alleged victim's parents told the jury. and how some barking dogs
7:27 am
>> and good morning, washihington. meteteorologist ryan miller with you here in the weather center. we're e going to we upo sunshine throughout ththe entire day. temperatures approachihing 800 degrees. we're in thehe going to worry y about active weather across the region. you'll have to travel to the caronas to see rainfall. we are goioing to be sunny. watch out for the pollen count. all that sunshine and wmth. we're going to watch that air
7:28 am
temperature climb to 80 as well. we're going to want to make sure we have sunscreen throughout the entire day today with lots of outdoor activities planned. sunshine warm temperatutures. northwest winds fouro eight miles perour. air temperatures drping to around 50 and your susunday forecast for the balance of the dayt is going to be dry. the sunshine will begin to disappea the clouds will thicken and then we'll see rn come o our way andrxqxqx
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tell me. do you bleed? you will. >> i cannot wait to see this. if that's the first batman versus superman trailer. a bootleg version was leaked online thursday so warner brothers released this version, which you're seeing, which is said to be slightly different than what will be premiering in theaters on monday. the trailer, that is. the movie is not being released until march 2016. >> i don't get it. why are batman and superman fighting? >> because they're awesome. >> they're not fight t each other? >> listen. do you want to take it up with the movie people. >> it probably doesn't last long. >> is this ben affleck as batman? >> yes, that's got to be the one. it's coming out in 2016.
7:31 am
>> aquaman versus ironman? millions of sequel possibilities here. bear versus shark. any way. coming up, the couple who sued because they're neighbors dogs were making too much noise. these are not sara haines' neighbors. she's got noisy chihuahuas. first, was it self-defense or murder. that's what the jurors will be working through as they hear the case of a young woman on trial for killing her boyfriend. >> prosecutors say shayna hubers knew what she was doing when she showed up at ryan poston's home. jurors. >> reporter: on the edge of their seats. marci gonzalez has more on the courtroom and the case. >> reporter: hi, paula and dan. prous cuters called the final witnesses to the stand, countering the defense claims. accused murder shayna human
7:32 am
beingers in tear-- hubers in tears. they tried to paint the 4-year-old as a heartless, cold-blooded killer. >> i see no remorse. she picked up the gun and said what would you do if i -- and he smirked at her and she shot him. >> reporter: she says she killed her boyfriend, ryan poston with self-defense. she described the graphic details of shooting him six times during what she says was a heated argument. >> i shot him enough times to kill him. he was laying there still, twitching and making noises. and i shot him in the head. i gave him his nose job he wanted. zblechb if the jurors believe that the first go shots were self-defense.
7:33 am
and she has four more shots to explain. including the one where she said she put him out of his misery. that is murder. >> e he just told me he couldn't get away from her. >> reporter: and he was supposed to go on a date with this former miss ohio the very night he was killed. >> i found him very entertaining. >> he seemed to be very happy, excited. a little nervous. >> reporter: the jury will have to decide whether it was a jealous rage or self-defense that led to his death. his parents sharing his grief. >> ryan was my world. >> he thought of others before himself from i believe the time he could walk and talk. >> reporter: and the defense will start presenting their case on monday. there's a lot of speculation that hubers will at some point, take the stand. some experts saying that is their best and possibly only shot of convincing this jury she's not guilty.
7:34 am
>> it's a risky move. she may have to do it. marci, thank you. back over to ron claiborne. good morning, again. >> hi, again, dan and paula. we begin with the travel nightmare for passengers on board a republic airways flight to denver. some passengers say they were stranded on that plane, stuck on that plane for more than six hours. the flight was canceled. five teen agers under arrest in what australian authorities call major counterterrorism bust. the teens are accused of planning an isis-inspired terrorist attack. l.a. kings center jarret stoll was arrested in las vegas. the boyfriend of erin andrews is accused of possession. and finally, a father on new york's long island just can't
7:35 am
let go of winter. his name is mike frigo. you'll see him dressed in a tank top recently. you will. he was trying to keep his five-foot-tall winter snow mall alive as long as possible. it's not easy when the temperatures are expected to hit 70 today in new york. he's set up a facebook page called save the snowman to keep the snowman from melting. he's got a number of snow-nations including fresh powder. he'll only take the real deal. >> why does he love winter so much. >> move to canada. move to the south pole. >> there are some stashes out there. >> i pay attention. >> you listen. >> a programming note. >> lets hear it. >> nba playoffs tip off this weekend right here on abc. mvp candidate from the golden
7:36 am
state war yois stephon curry will be going up against the new orleans pelicans and anthony davis. that game is at 3:30 eastern, 6:30 pacific. and about 9:30 in hawaii. >> and for our viewers in guam? >> it's actually yesterday. they played yesterday. let's che the forecast once again with dr. rob marciano. >> ron has offered his tickets to me for a week from monday night's game. he couched it. >> tent active. >> yeah whatever that means. thank you, ron. >> it means it's not yours yet. >> did you just eat something? >> not looking good. >> sorry. >> looking south to new york. gotta love that. yeah. temperatures right now, 59 degrees. some motion. one world trade.
7:37 am
what a fwlor use start. this is going to be the best day of the year so far. get it up to about 75. maybe higher than that. with that some dry air. yeah, we have red flag warnings for fire danger across parts of the northeast. we have been very fortunate that the snow pack hasn't melted with the warm rain. this is what we have to deal with. 59 ocean breeze in boston. 80 in washington, d.c. enjoy that. out west it will be nice, though they would take the rain if they could get it. 80 many medford and portland oregon. a dry spell for the pacific no ryan: good morning meteorologist ryan millerr with you. we're going to see sunshine. tomorrow the cloudwill thicken. we'll see rain showers push into the region. better chance of rain tomorrow afternoon an evening. the rain
7:38 am
>> this weather cast brought to you by target. hope you enjoyed your snack because we have amazing video i want to show you guys. this is incredible stuff. a deep sea dive in the gulf of mexico. that is a sperm whale, friends. get your moby dick book out and revel in that. you're hearing some of scientists. this is a remote operated vehicle. >> wow! >> unbelievable. they're at 2,000 feet. >> this is really rare too. >> they can dive as much as 3,000 feet. they can hold their breath for 90 minutes. you never see this thing. >> they can hold their breath for 90 minutes? >> yes. and they're toothed whales. they eat squid and things that live way down there. >> and probably ron's pretzels. >> they're lungs are probably the size of a prius or something like tt. i try to put it in scientific terms.
7:39 am
being around a meteorologist. >> i appreciate that. >> you're welcome, everybody. what happens when a couple sues over barking dogs? a decision worth big bucks. and the prom-posal gone way wrong. why i lead to tears, up ahead in "pop news." don't worry. >> did she say no? ♪ ♪ headache? motrin helps you be an unstoppable, let's-rock-this-concert- like-it's-1999 kind of mom. when pain tries to stop you, there's motrin. motrin works fast to stop pain where it starts. make it happen with new motrin liquid gels.
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[ dog barking ] there's an old expression that says good fences make good neighbors. fences are as you can see here and hear here are not exactly soundproof. >> a couple who said their neighbor's barking dogs bothering them to no end. kendis gibson has the story. >> reporter: watch and listen to this video entered in a court case. an oregon couple says it proves what made their life a nightmare for more than 13 years. [ dog barking ] >> reporter: dale and debra crine winning a quarter of a million dollars in a lawsuit because of the bark of these dogs. they say their neighbors kept up to ten of the massive clearly vocal dmogs their yard just a football field away.
7:44 am
>> so this is what it's like if we come out here in our -- come out the the well or come out to the fence or -- >> reporter: and despite numerous complaints about the noise, did nothing the quiet the dogs. >> it was either shut up and take it or stand up for us and our neighbors. >> reporter: in court, the couple who owned the dogs said the barking was only so bad because the creins used recordings of other dogs to try to get the dogs to stop. they're appealing. not because of the $240,000 award but because of an injux giving the couple two months to silence the dogs for good. ordering a controversial debarking surgery to reduce their vocal chords. how boud is this proceed? just that barking, 114 decibels. that is louder than a yak
7:45 am
hammer. rebecca has owned the breed for decades. can you understand how the bark can be annoying to some? >> yes absolutely. it can be annoying to their own people. >> reporter: the 3-year-long battle not over for this couple who has no interest in loving thy neighbor's dogs. kendis gibson, abc news los angeles. >> i hope they don't have to get that surgery. >> yeah that's not good. >> take them inside. >> do your neighbors get upset about the chihuahuas barking? >> no because as i mentioned, my dogs are not talker ps. >> unlike their mama. >> they can't get a bark in edge wise. >> true. more sara coming up. >> for better or worse. >> richer or poorer. the producer of the upcoming "star wars" moveie is about some of the characters.
7:46 am
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♪ time for pop, sara haines what you got? >> first up the office's john krasinski as you have never seen him before. he channeled keep that turner to give an epic per spore mans on spike's lip-sync battle. bam. he's wearing the fringe. he's got it going on. he went up against anna kendrick, who had her own surprises, bringing out jennifer lopez during her performance of booty. >> hello, trump card. >> you bring j. lo out, you're
7:50 am
going to win. >> anna kendrick is so talented. >> how does that show get such enormous stars? >> who doesn't want to do that? asking your date to the prom is an elaborate affair. they call them promposals. daniel put up road signs on the may, alex will you lol, just kidding, marry me. she missed the first sign with her name on it. and had this reaction. >> go to prom with me. that's a [ bleep ] way to ask to prom. was that you? daniel. i'm so sorry. oh, i'm really sorry that i said that. >> she got so upset that it took awhile. he had to turn off the camera.
7:51 am
he didn't want her cries through the whole video. >> she said yes, you guys. she felt awful that she said that. >> she should. she should. >> stop it. and i was so excited to be in the thick of things at the "star wars" women will play some pivotal roles this time around. >> really strong women. not only in episode seven but the conversations we're having moving, there will be a lot of wonderful new characters. [ cheers and applause ] i have two girms, too. so -- i'm under a lot of pressure. >> so, girls rule. gone are the days of just princess leia though we love her. now we'll have more. >> the more women the better. >> maybe. >> that's something to look
7:52 am
forward to too. >> great "pop news." we'll be right back. it's the only soft beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. vets recommend it. and dogs, well they're begging for it. nexgard is for dogs only. and hasn't been evaluated for use in pregnant, breeding or lactating dogs. reported side effects include vomiting, dry flaky skin diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. recommended by vets. loved by dogs. from the makers of frontline plus. [plumber] i need to be where the pipes are. so i use quickbooks and run my entire business from the cloud. i keep an eye on sales and expenses from anywhere. even down here in the dark i can still see we're having a great month. and celebrate accordingly. i run on quickbooks.that's how i own it. lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth man. wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry! now get 20 % off all sta-green lawn fertilizer at lowe's.
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thanks for watching, everybody. we'll see you tomorrow. have a great saturday. see ya. >> now, an abc 7 news update. suzanne: good morning. i am suzanne kennedy. shock and sadness at their the murder of a university of maryland washington student. police have charged a housemate in her death. 30-year-old steven vander briel
7:57 am
is che -- facing charges of first-degree murder. roads are open after a crash in the district. police believe a driver under the influence is to blame. it happened shortly before 1:00 this morning. we are told three of six victims suffered serious injuries. now let's check the forecast with meteorologist ryan miller. ryan: plenty of sunshine. i hope you have outdoor plants. we will see clouds increase, and rain pushed in tomorrow evening. it will continue into monday and next week, cooler temperatures with air temperatures back into the 60's. : thank you, ryan. to work for joining us.
7:58 am
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